Child Custody and Child Visitation Problems

father's rights lawyerDoes the entry of an order by a judge, in the Family Court or the Supreme Court, as to custody and visitation always resolve these issues?  The answer to this question is NO!  Even after the matter is theoretically resolved by a judge, sometimes one or both of the parents refuse to cooperate and carry out the terms of the court’s order.  Even in cases of joint custody, sometimes one of the parents refuses to cooperate with visitation or keeps the other parent out of the important decision making process.  In other cases, visitation for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and school vacations is denied.  When one parent is taking advantage of the situation concerning the children it is important that immediate, aggressive responses from an experienced child custody attorney are made.  Sometimes simply sending strongly worded letters threatening the appropriate legal action, if the inappropriate behavior continues, is enough to remedy the situation.  The sending of these letters can be used as documentation at a later date if legal action is necessary.

Visitation Abuses Impact on the Children

Children can be caught in the middle of the fracas between the parents regarding visitation and custody issues. This can create stress and have an emotional toll on the children. Neither parent should use their children as a means of punishing or aggravating the other parent. Children should also not be the messengers between the two parents who cannot communicate with each other.

 Aggressive Legal Action

If you find yourself in a situation wherein the other parent is violating their obligations to cooperate concerning visitation you should seek out an experienced aggressive attorney to protect your rights. For more than 45 years, Elliott S. Schlissel, Esq. and his dedicated experienced associates have been assisting parents in their quest to see to it that their visitation and custody rights are protected. With more than 100 years of combined a legal experience, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo litigate custody and visitation issues throughout the five boroughs of the City of New York, Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island as well as Westchester County. The law firm offers a free initial consultation regarding all matrimonial and family law issues.aggressive legal representation for fathers

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