Succesful black men don't marry

Today many successful African American men refuse to get married. The general reason they refuse to get married is the fear of a divorce and the huge financial negative implications of getting divorced. Many professional athletes, actors and successful businessmen are avoiding marriage. Jamie Fox and Sean Combes are two successful black entrepreneurs who excelled in a variety of different enterprises and have chosen not to marry. When a successful man who is not married has a child he is obligated to pay child support. However, in community property States such as California should he divorce he would lose half of his assets. In States like New York that have equitable distribution laws he would be responsible for distributing a portion of the assets that accumulated during the course of his marriage as well as potentially paying spousal maintenance in addition to child support. It seems a greater percentage of successful black men avoid marriage than men from other racial groups. That is not to say all successful black men do not marry.


Attorney Elliot Schlissel

Successful black men seem to preserve their wealth and avoid being shook down in divorces for money their successes bought them by avoiding marriage, having children out of wedlock and moving on when the situation is played out.