The Trial of a Custody Case – Part II

father's rights lawyerTemporary Custody

Sometimes, in divorce cases and Family Court custody proceedings, applications are made for temporary custody orders. These temporary custody orders give one parent or the other custody during the pendency of the case. Unfortunately the wheels of justice tend to turn slowly and the custody cases can sometimes languish in courts for years. A parent who receives temporary custody during this period would have a step up on the other parent in obtaining permanent custody. Therefore all temporary custody orders should be taken very seriously.

A temporary custody hearing is a mini trial within the trial. Preparation for this mini trial on custody should be handled in the same manner as the trial for permanent custody.

Settling the Custody Case

In most situations a settlement is the best route to take in a custody dispute. Joint custody can be worked out where one parent is the residential custodial parent and the other parent is the non-residential custodial parent. The non-residential custodial parent can have extensive visitation with the children to satisfy that parent’s needs to maintain a close relationship with the children. In the large majority of custody disputes this is the best route to resolve this issue. It eliminates the children getting too involved in the custody proceeding and the aggravation and stress of going through the trial.


Although custody cases can be aggravating and traumatic for the parents, it is even more traumatic and difficult for the children involved. Care should be taken that the trial and/or negotiations in the custody case are done out of sight and hearing of the children. The children should be insulated from custody litigation, issues in Family Court, and divorces. Children are designed by God to love both their parents. Frustrating or alienating the children from one parent to another is the worst possible outcome. Children are better off with two loving parents to guide them through life situations.custody litigation assistance for fathers

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