Father Named Son’s Guardian

father's rights attorneySurrogate John Czygier Jr. sitting in Suffolk County recently had a case before him involving a developmentally disabled child. A father had brought a proceeding to be appointed the guardian of his son, Nicholas. The child’s mother took the position Nicholas didn’t need a guardian because he wasn’t developmentally disabled.

A Hearing Was Held

Surrogate Czygier held a hearing to determine whether Nicholas was a developmentally disabled individual who required a guardian be appointed. When it was established that Nicholas needed a guardian, the mother then took the position she should be named her son’s guardian. The mother made it clear, to the court, she intended to move to Florida whether or not she was appointed as Nicholas’s guardian. She also made it clear she was moving to Florida with or without her son.

Guardian Ad Litem for Child Favors Father

A guardian ad litem was appointed to represent Nicholas (a guardian ad litem is an attorney who is appointed to protect a child or incompetent). The guardian ad litem made a recommendation that the father was the more appropriate parent to be appointed by the court as the guardian for Nicholas.

The Judge’s Decision

Judge Czygier, in his decision, took into consideration the father had worked to enhance Nicholas’ life. The father also understood and maintained realistic concepts concerning his son’s disability. The court also took into consideration the fact that if Nicholas was relocated to Florida with the mother it would interfere with the father’s current relationship with his son. Judge Czygier stated in his decision although the mother had been the primary caretaker of Nicholas up until that point in time, he doubted her fitness to be Nicholas’ guardian. The court therefore determined the father was the more fit parent to be the child’s guardian. The judge’s decision stated the father was more likely to see to it that Nicholas was able to maintain a relationship with his mother. The father’s petition for guardianship was therefore granted by the court.

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