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Orders of Protection

The Family Courts and the Criminal Courts in the State of New York liberally give women Orders of Protection against their husbands and boyfriends. In many instances, the husband or boyfriend is removed from the parties’ home and unable to return without exposing himself to being arrested. The courts often grant these Orders of Protection based on affidavits submitted by the wife or girlfriend prior to the father having his day in court to present his defense and or explanation regarding the allegations against him.

Orders of Protection & Fathers Rights

On many occasions a father is removed from his home, forced to pay all of the bills on the home and at the same time find another place to live prior to having his day in court. This can cause tremendous inconvenience for the father. It can create a situation where the father has no access, visitation or communication with his children. It also deprives the father from living in his home. Our office has over 45 years of experience in litigating and dealing with Orders of Protection that have been granted to wives and or girlfriends against fathers. It is extremely important that a father facing an Order of Protection immediately retain counsel.

Orders of Protection & Aggressive Legal Representation

Aggressive legal representation is necessary to protect fathers in these situations. We understand the hardships, the difficulties and the legal strategies necessary to effectively fight Orders of Protection!

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