Child Visitation Lawyers

New York and Long Island Child Visitation/Custody Attorneys

Custody orders are obtained either from Family Courts or from Supreme Courts in New York State. A parent can bring a custody or visitation proceeding in the Family Court for the purpose of dealing with custody and visitation issues. In divorce proceedings, both temporary and final custody and visitation orders are rendered by Supreme Court Judges. In addition, the parties enter into out of court settlement agreements in both the Family Court and the Supreme Court cases with regard to visitation and custody issues. Custody issues involve who receives residential custody of the child and who is the non-residential parent. The non-residential parent usually has visitation which is also referred to as parenting time with the children. However, even when these orders are entered into sometimes a parent is denied visitation with his children. Mothers sometimes ignore father’s rights with regard to established custody and visitation orders given by courts.

Enforcement Proceedings

Enforcement proceedings with regards to father’s visitation rights can be brought in the Supreme Court if the parties were married and in the Family Court if the parties were married or the child was born out of wedlock. As part of enforcement proceedings, courts can hold the non-cooperating parent in contempt and incarcerate the parent for up to 6 months. In addition, the courts can change custody because of one parent’s failure to abide by court orders allowing access to the other parent with the children.

Aggressive Legal Action

Our office takes immediate, aggressive action when a father is denied his visitation rights with his children. In contempt of court proceedings, not only can the parent failing to abide by court orders be incarcerated for months, they can also be fined. A court can also make the disobeying parent pay the attorneys fees incurred by the father to enforce his visitation rights.

Visitation Enforcement Lawyers

Every child has two parents. Both the father and the mother are entitled to have a relationship with their children. When one parent disregards a court order aggressive, nuanced legal action must be taken to enforce this court order. Our father’s rights lawyers have more than 100 years of combined legal experience seeing to it that father’s rights regarding custody and visitation issues are enforced.

Success in Hundreds of Cases

Our office has handled hundreds of cases involving visitation and custody issues. We have an unparalleled record of success in seeing to it that our clients have access and relationships with their children. We take all necessary legal action and we see it that our client’s rights are not infringed upon.

Available 7 Days a Week

Our attorneys are available 7 days a week to help our clients in maintaining relationships with their children. We return calls on evenings and weekends. We are attuned to the problems parents have with holiday visitation. If you have a problem with a visitation or custody issue, we are the law firm that can help you. We can assure you we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to take legal action to enforce all of your child visitation and custody rights.