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Fathers have been told in the past, that if they seek custody of their child or children, they will lose. They have been told that mothers always win in custody situations. They have been told that they can stay in touch with their children by becoming a financial resource. Simply speaking, the deep pocketed money bags. I AM TELLING YOU THAT THIS IS FALSE!! Fathers who are prepared to fight for the custody of their children can be successful. If you are a father who has been actively involved in your children’s lives and you know your children’s needs, you can be successful in obtaining the custody of your children. Our job is to help you in this endeavor!!

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There was a time when fathers, after a divorce, could not participate actively in their children’s life, due to limited child custody and visitation rights. Fortunately, in today’s day and age there is greater awareness regarding the importance of fathers maintaining a presence and an active role in the lives of their children. Most fathers today want to participate in an active manner in their children’s lives. This is especially true with regard to their children’s medical care, education and general welfare. This new awareness and informed outlook regarding how a father can be an active part of his children’s life comes out of the emerging legal doctrines involving fathers regarding custody and visitation with their children.

Fathers Rights: A Historical Perspective

Looking at history and social norms, children have in the past, been primarily entrusted in the care of their mother with the notion that it is in the “children’s best interest.” Traditionally speaking, the woman was considered the “homemaker” and the father “the breadwinner.” Times have changed and so have roles and expectations for both mothers and fathers. And yet, in contentious custody situations, statistics have shown the courts to be more sympathetic towards mothers, even if less capable. Fathers are instead assigned the financial responsibilities of the custody settlement, paying child support and other child-related expenses, without much actual time with his children. This has created a situation in which fathers have a reduced if not marginal role in their children’s daily life.

Fathers have been forced to build their relationship with their children on court determined visitation schedules that can be impractical for both the children and the father. With fathers’ rights gaining more prominence, it is heartening to see changes. Even though mothers are still more likely to being awarded custody of a child in a divorce or paternity case, more and more fathers are being awarded joint custody, validating the importance of fathers’ rights.

We Protect Fathers Rights

Fathers have the right to be part of their children’s lives. Fathers have the right to seek and have custody of their children. A father who is a custodial parent has the right to ask for child support as well. If custody is not awarded, a father has a right to be involved in their children’s lives, without undue interference from the custodial parent. If the mother is the custodial parent, she has an obligation to foster and promote the children’s relationship with their father. Her failure to promote the relationship between the children and their father can be grounds for bringing a proceeding for changing custody!

Why Fathers Are Important

The National Fatherhood Initiative estimates that 24 million children live absent from their biological fathers. Of these households, forty percent have not seen their fathers in at least one year. Of all absent fathers, 26 percent live in a different state than their children. 50 percent of children living without a father have never even been inside their father’s home. The 60 percent of children who do see their absent father, see them on an average of 69 days a year. A survey of over 20,000 parents conducted by the National Center of Education Statistics found that fathers who were involved in their children’s education, including attending school meetings and volunteering at school, had children who were more likely to get better grades, stay in school, participate in extracurricular activities, and stay out of trouble.

Source: The Population Resource Center.

The Stay at Home Father

Today more and more men are serving as the primary caretaker and nurturer of their children. More women are involved in significant professional and business positions related to their employment. These positions take a great amount of time and keep the women away from their home for longer periods of time. In these cases, the fathers often stay at home and play the role that previously belonged to the mother/homemaker. Being a stay at home parent gives fathers the ability to bond with their children and enjoy the warmth and joy of spending time with the children they love and care for.

The Mr. Mom, stay at home fathers, have the duties and responsibilities of raising their children and maintaining the marital home. Society today is more accepting of stay at home father arrangements. In cases where the father has stayed at home and helped raise the children and is the primary nurturing parent and primary caretaker of the children, that father should be given custody in the event of a divorce or separation of the parents. Our law office has extensive experience seeing to it that stay at home fathers are treated fairly by the courts in New York and are given the benefits of being the custodial parent for their children as mothers had been in the past!

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