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Child Protective Services (CPS) is the agency in Nassau County that is authorized to investigate and draft reports to be utilized in the prosecution of individuals charged with child abuse and child neglect. In the five boroughs in the City of New York the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) is the organization authorized to investigate and prosecute these matters.

Mandatory Reporters Of Child Abuse And Child Neglect

There are various organizations and individuals who by statue must make reports to either ACS or CPS of potential child abuse problems. These individuals include but are not limited to teachers, principals, doctors, psychologists and or therapists. These individuals are statutorily required to report signs or indications that might indicate child abuse, child neglect or mistreatment of a child.

CPS / ACS Investigations

Upon a report being made an investigator is assigned to the case. The investigator will thereafter contact the parents to do an investigation regarding the alleged child abuse or neglect. Is it important at the very first stage of the investigation that you contact an attorney for the purpose of protecting your legal rights.

Abuse and Neglect Investigations

Investigations made by CPS and ACS often err on the side of caution when dealing with children. The investigation can either find that the allegations of child abuse or child neglect are founded or unfounded. In the event they find that there is suspicion to believe that there is child abuse, child neglect or mistreatment, proceedings against the parents will be instituted in the Family Court of the county in which the family resides.

Child Abuse And Child Neglect Reports Filed In Albany

In situations where the CPS and/or ACS report indicates problems involving child abuse, child neglect or mistreatment of children these reports are submitted to the New York State central registry in Albany, regarding individuals indicated by Child Protective Services for child abuse or child neglect. These reports are maintained in the registry for 23 years. Reports of this nature can effect an individuals ability to obtain employment, work as a teacher, daycare worker, nurse or engage in other types of activities involving children.

These reports may contain personally offensive information which may not be true. These reports are also indication of the parent’s inability to meet minimal parenting requirements. Should you be the subject of a report that is “founded” it is important that you take immediate legal action to challenge the report and have the report set aside.

Child Abuse and Child Neglect Defense Attorneys

For more than 45 years our law office has been litigating and protecting our clients, regarding reports by CPS and ACS involving allegations of child abuse, child neglect and mistreatment of children. We have developed an expertise in litigating these matters. Our extensive experience in handling trials and hearings to set aside these reports of alleged child abuse are well known in the courts. We have a history of being successful in child abuse and child neglect hearings and the large majority of our cases have had favorable outcomes.

Should you have an issue with CPS or ACS investigations feel free to call us at 516-561-6645, 718-350-2802 or 1-800-344-6431. Let us use our expertise developed over 45 years to help you and your family deal with these problems.

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