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Grandparents Rights
Grandparents’ rights to maintain strong relationships with their grandchildren have been given more and more emphasis by the legal community in New York. Grandparents enhance the lives of their grandchildren. Grandparents form unique bonds with their grandchildren. These bonds should not be broken by the parent’s callous decision to withhold visitation. The loss of contact between the grandparents and their grandchildren is generally not in the grandchildren’s best interest.

Grandparents who have had a close relationship with their grandchildren have an excellent chance of success in having the courts order the parents to allow the grandparents to have visitation with the grandchildren.

Grandparents and Divorce

When a couple obtains a divorce, it sometimes occurs that the parent receiving custody of the children will decrease or even eliminate the children’s contact with their former spouse’s parents. In some instances this even involves children who have previously lived with the grandparents. In these cases, the grandparents are usually a source of stability in the family prior to the time of a divorce or separation of the parents. It is extremely important that the bond between the grandparents and their grandchildren are protected. These bonds are important to the well being and the development of the grandchildren. For grandparents it can be a wrenching loss to lose contact with their grandchildren.

Grandparents Visitation Rights

The Grandparents’ Rights lawyers at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo understand every situation involving grandparents, their children and the grandchildren is unique. Grandparents’ relationships with their grandchildren are impacted on not only by divorces, separations and breakups, but in addition, relocation by either parents or the residential custodial parent of the grandchildren. Family break-ups are between the father and mother of the children. The loving relationship between the grandchildren and their grandparents should not become a victim of the problems between the father and the mother of the children. The grandparent’s loving relationship with their grandchildren must be maintained. This special relationship of warmth and understanding immeasurably adds to the quality of both the grandparent’s lives and the lives of their grandchildren. Our attorneys are experienced and sensitive to the unique role grandparents have in maintaining a relationship with their grandchildren.

Grandparents Rights Laws

The United States Supreme Court in the case of Troxel v. Granville has decided grandparents do not have an automatic right to visit their grandchildren. The Court’s decision specifically stated the United States Constitution “leaves room for States to consider the impact on a child possibly arbitrary parental decisions that neither serve nor are motivated by the best interest of the child.” New York State has been one of the leading States to interpret the Supreme Court decision to mean that grandparents who have contributed to the love, affection, babysitting and maintained a relationship with their grandchildren should continue to be able to maintain this relationship and not be arbitrarily prevented from seeing and visiting their grandchildren. Grandparent’s rights are an emotionally charged area of Family Law. Aggressive experienced legal counsel can help your family resolve these difficult issues.

Experience Counts

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have more than 100 years of combined legal experience litigating issues concerning Grandparents rights. In situations where the parents are unavailable, deceased, unable to take care of their children, neglectful or abusive, Grandparents are an important resource to their grandchildren. In these situations Grandparents can obtain either custody or guardianship of their grandchildren. The dedicated Grandparents rights lawyers at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo are aware of the unique loving bonds Grandparents share with their grandchildren. We utilize our expertise and knowledge of the courts and the legal system to help Grandparents obtain custody, guardianship and visitation rights with their grandchildren.

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