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Parental Alienation is a terribly painful experience for both the child and the parent. If your wife, ex-wife or your former girlfriend has been brainwashing your child or children against you, we can help you!!! When a bitter divorce or other issues cause one parent to willfully alienate children from the other parent, the results can be tragic for all concerned.

Children of Parental Alienation

Children are caught in the middle, and their formative years are marred by the conflict. They can be forced to choose sides, and they may lose the alienated parent forever.

Fathers Rights and Parental Alienation

Fathers, through no fault of their own, can lose the love and respect of those they cherish most. They may be subject to accusations that are false and have no opportunity to respond to the accusations. The alienated parent is often powerless to effect any remedy at all.

Parental-Alienation and Defending Fathers’ Rights

At the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo, we understand the suffering this situation inflicts on you and your children. We understand the parental alienation problem, and we have extensive experience in taking legal action to cause a change in custody to redress this problem. In the event a change of custody is not practical or what you desire, we can take other action to see to it that your ex-wife, wife or girlfriend ceases this abusive and destructive behavior.

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