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When our law firm first started to represent fathers, there was a presumption mothers should receive custody of the children of the marriage. The grounds for preventing mothers from receiving custody dealt with showing they were an unfit parent. Unfitness to be a parent related to the mother being abusive, neglectful, a drug addict, having no interest in the children, mentally incompetent and things of that nature. Elliot Schlissel, Esq., early on, argued that fathers were entitled to equal rights in custody litigation before the courts in New York.

Success in Fighting for Our Clients

Our law office has been successful in numerous cases helping fathers obtain custody of their children, extensive parenting time, and keeping their children from being relocated to foreign destinations. Our law firm is one of the largest father’s rights law firms in the metropolitan New York area. In many of our cases where there are issues concerning parenting and/or child custody issues, we assign both a male and a female attorney to get two points of view. In addition to having the benefit of two different perspectives, sometimes having a female attorney advocate custody for a male can be more advantageous during court proceedings and have a positive impact on the outcome of the case.

Obtaining the Legal Advice You Need

Family law cases and divorces do not have to be horrible experiences. In many cases our law firm is involved with, we develop a plan to carry out our client’s wishes. We successfully negotiate a resolution or navigate our client through the legal system in a manner which is both cost efficient and obtains the results our clients are looking for. Our law firm has been providing personalized excellent legal representation to our clients for more than 45 years. Our attention to detail, experience and expertise has helped our clients be successful in obtaining the results they were looking for in all types of Family Law cases.

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