Long Island Child Custody Modification Lawyers

Changing Child Custody from one Parent to Another

Custody Modification

Life is not static. Issues and circumstances regarding who should be the custodial parent of a child change. Children grow up and their needs change as they get older. Parents enter into new relationships that also affect child custody.

Initial Child Custody Orders

The initial child custody arrangements are usually worked out in a separation agreement, stipulation of settlement, judgment of divorce or by an order of the family court. After a period of time when circumstances change it may be in the child’s best interest that there be a modification of change in which parent has custody of the child. This can be related to new relationships, changes in living environments or problems relating to drug addiction, domestic violence, alcohol issues or other problems at the residence of the custodial parent. These issues may require immediate action to change custody.

Custody Modification Applications

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Changing Custody Due to Child Abuse or Child Neglect

In the event one parent abuses the children, or a family member of one parent abuses the children, it may be necessary, if that parent has custody or visitation, to modify the custody or visitation arrangements. In situations where there are domestic violence issues in a household, this can be the basis for changing custody and visitation arrangements. This is especially true when one of the parents has either been arrested or convicted of a crime related to a domestic violence situation and/or an order of protection has been granted to one parent or to the children concerning another parent. This is a significant factor taken into consideration by judges in modifying child visitation and child custody arrangements.

Courts are concerned with keeping the children in a stable home environment. If issues develop in the household of the residential custodial parent with regard to child abuse, child neglect, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or improper sexual mores in the household, judges will modify the existing custody orders to protect the children. The children’s best interests require that they live in a loving, nurturing, safe environment. Should circumstances indicate to a court this is no longer true, courts won’t hesitate to change the custody of the children from one parent to the other.

More Than 45 Years Of Legal Experience In Representing Fathers Regarding Custody And Visitation Matters

The father’s rights lawyers at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have been litigating custody related matters for more than 45 years. We’ve developed an expertise in issues involving changes and modification of child custody and visitation schemes. These are difficult and emotionally based cases that sometimes put pressure on judges to split hairs as to who is the more deserving parent to have continuing custody. We have extensive experience in working with the judges in the Supreme Courts and Family Courts. Our large father’s rights practice has also exposed us to many of the attorneys for the child (formerly called law guardians). Our extensive working knowledge of how the judges and the attorneys for the children view these petitions as well as our more than 100 years of combined legal experience helps us obtain outcomes that are favorable to our clients.

In child custody modification cases, it is essential that you have the most experienced and best equipped law firm representing you. Our child custody and visitation modification attorneys have handled numerous cases in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, Kings County, New York County, Richmond County, Bronx County and Westchester County. We have represented both fathers and grandparents in these perplexing difficult cases. Call us for a consultation.