Grandparents Rights After Divorces

father's rights attorneysGrandparents often have special relationships with their grandchildren. Sometimes the problems in the relationship between the parents, can disrupt the relationship between the grandparents and their grandchildren. So what can a grandparent do if the residential custodial parent refuses to give them access to their grandchildren?

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents can bring legal proceedings to force the custodial parent of their grandchildren to give them access and visitation with their grandchildren. In cases where grandparents have had relationships with their grandchildren or the grandchildren have lived with them, courts are especially cognizant of the relationship between the grandparents and their grandchildren being in the grandchildren’s best interest.

Custody for Grandparents

If neither of the parents are appropriate individuals to have custody of their children, grandparents have a right to step in and ask the courts for custody. In cases where the parents are unfit, have drug problems, alcohol problems, have issues involving child abuse and/or child neglect, grandparents are a valuable resource to help their grandchildren lead normal fulfilling lives. Grandparents can not only win custody but they can also be appointed the legal guardian of their grandchildren.

Grandparents Issues and Legal Complications

The law in the State of New York seeks to have the biological parents of their children raise the children whenever possible. The circumstances and situations where grandparents can obtain visitation rights and/or custody of their grandchildren are fact sensitive and involve sophisticated legal issues. If you, a friend or family member have questions concerning grandparents rights, feel free to call our law firm. Our phones are monitored 24/7. We can be reached at 718-350-2802, 516-561-6645, or 1-800-344-6431. We have been fighting for grandparents’ rights for more than 45 years and we have a long history of success in the representation of grandparents involving custody and visitation issues.advocate for grandparents rights

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