Out Of State Father Granted Sole Custody Of Child

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Judge Lillian Wan, sitting in the Family Court in Bronx County, New York, recently made an unusual decision which resulted in an out of state father receiving custody of his son.  In this case, the father’s name was London.  He resided in Georgia.  He had brought an application for custody.

Neglect Proceeding Against Mother

Neglect proceedings had been brought against the child’s mother, Sameerah.  The parties’ son, Jadaquis, and his three siblings had been placed in foster care in New York.  Jadaquis had been placed in a non-kinship foster home.  He had been separated from his brothers.  He had been moving from one foster home to another.

Interstate Compact Concerning Placement of Children

Pursuant to an interstate compact considering the placement of children, an application was brought to the child welfare authorities in Georgia on three separate occasions.  These applications requested a review and approval of London’s residence in Georgia as an appropriate place for Jadaquis to live.  On each of the three occasions, the Georgia Welfare authorities found London’s residence in Georgia was unsuitable for Jadaquis to reside in.

Judge Lillian Wan noted, even though the Georgia Welfare authorities took the position London’s residence, in Georgia, was unsafe for Jadaquis to reside in, the Georgia authorities took no action regarding London and his wife’s six year old child who resided with them in the home.

Judge Wan ruled Jadaquis, who during the pendency of this proceeding lived in five non-kinship foster homes, should be allowed to live with his father in Georgia.  Judge Wan’s decision held Jadaquis’ best interest would be to reside with his father in Georgia.  Judge Wan gave the father sole custody of his son.assistance for dads

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