Wife Refuses To Comply with Court Ordered Visitation And Court Holds Her In Civil Contempt

father's rights attorneysJustice Rachel Adams sitting in the Supreme Court, Divorce part, in Kings County recently found a woman in contempt for failure to comply court orders concerning visitation. The husband in this case had requested the court hold his wife in contempt for interfering with his visitation. She was preventing him from seeing his two year old twins. His pleadings stated that the wife had been involved in detrimental interference with the relationship with his children.

Justice Adams, in her decision, noted that despite knowledge of her obligations under court orders, the wife felt entitled to impose non-court ordered restrictions on the father with regard to his visitation with the children. During the course of the proceedings, the wife made a unilateral decision to move to Wisconsin. This prevented the father from seeing his twins on a regular basis.

 In addition to finding the wife in contempt, Justice Adams stated, in her opinion, her interference with the father’s access to the twins could impact other aspects of her pending divorce case. This includes the issue of custody. Justice Adams’ ordered for the wife to return to New York with the children and warned her that her continued failure to abide by court orders may result in her being incarcerated.


This was a victory for upholding a father’s rights to have a relationship with his children.  This Judge took courageous action to enforce the law in New York requiring the custodial parent to promote visitation with the non-custodial parent.assistance for fathers

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