Fathers Rights: Visitation Arrangements For Birthdays, Special Events & Holidays

Birthdays and Holidays Dads have an important place in their children’s lives. After a divorce, birthdays, holidays and special occasions can be very difficult times. Before making a visitation schedule, you should take into consideration how you would like to spend your vacations. Do you wish to travel with your children? Do you wish to leave the country? Do you want to go to the Caribbean? Do you want to go to Disney World? What are the time requirements on those types of vacations? How can you avoid being disappointed and having your plans crushed? Your visitation schedule should be specific and definitive with regard to when you can see the children and where you can take them. There should be specific arrangements with regard to handling the obtaining and maintaining of passports for your children.


A child’s birthday is a special time. They want to be with their friends, their loved ones and they want to receive presents. Children are easily disappointed when a father is not around to celebrate a child’s birthday. All visitation arrangements should allow the father a minimum of 3-5 hours with each child on his or her birthday. Dads play an important role in their children’s lives. They need to be able to see their children on important days in their child’s lives.

Dad’s Birthday and Father’s Day

A father should be entitled to spend his birthday with his children. This a special day for Dad and he should be entitled to be with the most special people in his life – his children.

Father’s Day is a day carved out once a year to celebrate fatherhood. It is imperative that any visitation arrangements specifically state that the children shall spend each and every Father’s Day with their father. Children need to know who their father is and the important role he plays in their lives.


When you make visitation arrangements, whether it be a holiday visitation or regular visitation with your children, you should keep to the arrangement. Children are at a developmental emotional state. Their expectations and moods can go from happiness to sadness very quickly. They can be easily disappointed. It is important for a dad to avoid disappointing his children.

Building New Traditions

Sometimes parents fall into a trap of trying to recreate the pre-divorce family celebrations. This is often a mistake. After a divorce you should try to create new celebrations, new traditions and new things of importance for you and your children.

If you have a blended family related to remarriage or new relationships, you should try to develop your new circumstances in a blended situation. Your children should be involved and helpful with your planning of these new situations to create new long lasting loving traditions and things to remember for dad and his children.

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