Father’s Rights In New York Family Court

Father’s Rights In New York Family CourtIn the Family Courts of New York, Fathers have equal rights with regard to issues concerning child custody and visitation of their children. After it is established who the Father is, the child then receives rights to inherit from the Father and the child can participate in the Father’s health insurance plan.

No Preference Between Mothers And Fathers And Family Courts

In Family Court in New York, the issues concerning who receives child custody, whether it be the Father or the Mother is determined by what is in the best interest of the child. Neither the Father nor the Mother receives any type of preference with regard to issues concerning who shall receive custody.

Being Married or Not Married Doesn’t Usually Matter

Whether parents are married or not is usually not an issue in determining custody. Custody determinations in the state of New York can be made either by the Family Court or the Supreme Court. In divorce cases, which take place in the Supreme Court, a Judge can make rulings on custody. Custody cases in the Family Court can be brought by people who are married or unmarried. The Family Courts in the state of New York have simultaneous jurisdiction concerning issues of custody with the Supreme Court.

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