The Bad Tactics Game Plan Utilized Against Fathers

father's rights lawyerThere are a number of improper, inappropriate vile tactics that are used to prevent a father from having a relationship with his children.

Sexual Abuse

The most damaging false allegation that can be made against a father is that he is sexually abusing his children.  This false allegation, even if untrue, causes courts to take protective action regarding the children.  Sometimes these allegations are the result of mandatory reporters such as teachers, doctors, or Child Protective Service workers overreacting and/or misinterpreting what is happening in a child’s life.  Fathers who bathe their children, dress their children, or spend time hugging their children on a chair or in a bed can be subject to these inappropriate, nasty false allegations.

Domestic Violence

Corporal punishment is no longer considered an appropriate method of disciplining children in the United States.  Fathers in Family Court proceedings and in divorce proceedings accused of utilizing corporal punishment to help guide their children can be kept away from their children by orders of protection brought on by proceedings from child protective services.  In the five boroughs of the City of New York the Administration for Child Services (hereinafter referred to as “ACS”) investigates child abuse allegations.  On Long Island and Westchester counties in the Metropolitan New York area, child abuse allegations are investigated by Child Protective Services (hereinafter referred to as “CPS”).  When an order of protection is issued against a father it can prevent him from having any contact in person, on the phone, texting or emailing with his children.  It can completely cut a father off from having contact with his children.


Technically, the residential custodial parent needs either an agreement between the parties in writing So Ordered by a court, or a court order authorizing them to move away.  However, if the mother relocates with the children and the father acquiesces and doesn’t take legal action within a relatively short period of time, the move can become the new normal.  If the father lives in Queens and the mother moves to Florida it is going to be a lot harder for him to visit with his children.

Protecting Father’s Rights

Fathers who believe the mother is acting inappropriately with regard to their children and/or interfering with their relationship with the children need to take aggressive legal action.  If you find yourself in a situation of this nature, you should contact an attorney familiar with father’s rights issues.  Protecting your rights early on is the best way to help maintain your relationship with your children.father's rights advocate

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