Mother Denied An Order Of Protection Against The Father

Mother Denied An Order Of Protection Against The FatherIn a case in Oneida County, New York before a Judge F. Christopher Giruzzi, a Mother sought to modify a prior order giving the minor child of the parties’ custody to the Father. She alleged there had been a change in circumstances. She claimed the Father did not permit unfettered telephone access with the child. She also claimed the Father made disparaging remarks about her while the child was present. She claimed all of the aforementioned allegations were in violation of the prior order of custody.

Allegations Of Harassment Against The Father

The Mother, in addition, sought an order of protection against the Father. She alleged he committed a family offense of harassment against her. The allegations were simply that he comes to the home for exchanges, and we are “very uncomfortable”.

The court ruled the Father will continue to be the sole residential custodial parent of the child. The judge set a specific schedule to eliminate extensive communication between the parties.

The court found the Mother, being “very uncomfortable” does not constitute a family offense which would require, or be the basis for, an order of protection against the Father.


The Mother in this case simply wanted to change residential custody from the Father to her. She didn’t present a reasonable argument for there to be a change in custody.

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