Custody Battles

child custody attorneysThe nastiest part of divorces and Family Court proceedings usually relates to issues involving custody disputes. When parents break up, fights involving custody if not discreetly and delicately handled, can end up in ugly litigated cases. It is a necessity in any custody situation to have the best possible child custody lawyer.

 Litigate Or Settle

If custody issues cannot be amicably resolved through a negotiated settlement, detailed complex litigation as to who will be the residential custodial parent will ensue in either the Family Court or the Supreme Court in New York. Custody litigation requires well prepared cases to enhance the potential of having a successful outcome.

 Best Interest Of The Children

The best interests of the children are utilized by Family Courts and Supreme Courts to determine who will receive custody. This takes into consideration each parent’s ability to be a nurturing parent and provide food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, guidance and other necessities for the children. The courts look into the stability of the parent, his or her home life, education and parenting skills. The court may also take into consideration the age, sex and desires of the child.

 Attorney For The Child

In New York, the court will appoint an attorney to represent a children in a custody proceeding. This attorney meets with the children and advocates on behalf of the children.


Parents play significant roles in the lives of their children. Custody battles are nasty difficult proceedings. In most cases, some level of compromise is the better route to take than to have an all-out battle and have a court decide a winner and loser.

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