Father Awarded Sole Legal and Physical Custody. Mother Given Supervised Visitation Only

A father on hammock with his son

In a case before Justice Linda Christopher sitting in the Supreme Court in Westchester County, Judge Christopher dealt with a matter that shocked her consciousness. In this case the mother had left and hidden the parties’ children. The father was given temporary legal and physical custody of the children. The father brought an action seeking permanent legal and physical custody of the children. In his moving papers he claimed the mother kidnapped the children. He further claimed the mother attempted to suffocate the children. He claimed the mother tried to strangle her son. He claimed the mother had denied who she was for years.

Justice Christopher conducted a hearing on this matter. Testimony was submitted that shocked the Hearing conducted of the court. She found that the mother was unbelievable. The judge found the father was a credible individual capable of taking care of the children. Judge Christopher found there were instances of child abuse by the mother with regard to the parties’ children. She ruled that the mother was a potentially dangerous person to be around the children. She found the mother should only have supervised visitation with the children.

Father Given Sole Legal and Physical Custody

Attorney Elliot Schlissel

She awarded the father sole legal and physical custody of the children. She found this was in the children’s best interests. The mother was permitted to receive copies of school and health records; however she barred the mother from having information concerning the children’s schedule and details of the children’s’ daily life. She felt the mother posed a danger to the children.