Father Given More Time With The Children

Father Given More Time With The ChildrenIn a case before Judge Jeffrey Sunshine, who sits in Kings County New York, a father brought an application to modify a parenting time agreement. There were two teenage children of this marriage. The parties had joint custody of these children. One child was 13 years old and the other was 17 years old.

Fathers Economically Superior Situation

In this case the Father had a significantly better economic situation. The children desired to spend more time with their father than with there mother. As a result of this Judge Jeffrey Sunshine granted the father’s petition to have residential parenting time changed to two weeks in a row with him and one week with the mother.

The fathers work situation had changed and he was able to spend more time with the children. The father had also remarried. The children had developed a close relationship with his new spouse. The children also appreciated their father was able to provide them with a large home, a pool and resources which allowed them to have pleasant vacations.

The court also found the father and mother who had joint custody had no relationship whatsoever. Therefore they could not continue to have joint custody of the children.


This is an excellent decision with regard to the issue of fathers rights.

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