How an Attorney Can Help If You’re Being Prosecuted by CPS or ACS

How an Attorney Can Help If You're Being Prosecuted by CPS or ACS When a case is brought against you by CPS or ACS the investigators are backed up by supervisors, prosecuting attorneys, and people with expertise in dealing with these issues. The best way for you to level the playing field and protect your family is to hire an experienced ACS and CPS defense attorney. In most situations, it is important you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. It is especially important you meet with an attorney, discuss your rights and review the consequences of being interviewed by CPS in ACS. Sometimes it is a mistake to try to simply explain a situation where there has been an injury to a child. These interviews can make the parents situation worse or amount to an admission of guilt regarding the allegations against them. There are no Miranda rights when speaking to a CPS or ACS worker. Anything you say can be used against you or be misinterpreted.

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