Murder, Not A Good Alternative To Divorce

divorce attorney on Long IslandKenneth Dearden, a Westchester Real Estate Developer, was shot in the head by his wife as he slept in his home. Kenneth claims his wife tried to kill him to avoid a difficult divorce.

On November 14, 2013, Kenneth Dearden woke up in terrible pain. He had received a gunshot wound to the base of his skull. It is theorized he only survived because the shooter used an antique Deringer which had been a gift to his wife from her parents.

Wife Had An Affair

Dearden has taken the position his wife had been having an affair since 2011 and her lover had put pressure on her to take action to end her marriage. Dearden’s lawyer stated “with plaintiff no longer in the picture, defendant could avoid a contentious divorce, keep the marital home and never admit the marital infidelity to any family or friends.”

Wife Charged With Attempted Murder

Emily Dearden has been charged with attempted murder. Her attorney has denied the allegations on her behalf. Ms. Dearden is currently free on $150,000 bail. She has been suspended from her position as a New York Police Department psychologist.

On the night of the shooting, Kenneth Dearden looked for his wife. He wanted her to take him to the hospital. She claimed she had been hit on the head. The house’s alarm system had been turned off. Initially Dearden thought he had been attacked by an intruder. When the police came to the Deardens’ home, Emily Dearden was laundering dirty clothes. She asked the police if they had a warrant. The police found a pair of Deringers and were able to determine one of the guns had been fired. Unfortunately, the bullet taken from Kenneth Dearden’s skull was too damaged for a ballistics match.


Divorces may be messy and painful, but not as painful as a long term jail sentence!

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