Neglect Finding Against Mother

Neglect Finding Against MotherIn a case in the Family Court before Judge Michael Milsap sitting in the Bronx County ACS had filed a petition against the mother. The petition claimed the children were neglected by the mother. The petition alleged that the children were neglected because the mother allowed the children to be present when a significant other engaged in domestic violence against her.

Order of Protection Issued

The mother had an order of protection requiring John to stay away. The mother denied knowledge of prior incidents of alleged domestic violence against her. In addition, the mother denied knowledge that she had an order of protection against John.

Flawed Parental Judgment

The court ruled that the mother showed “flawed parental judgment”. She allowed John to contact her with the children present. The court entered a neglect finding against her with regard to inadequate supervision and guardianship. The Judge found that by allowing the children to be exposed to domestic violence in spite of the existence of an order of protection was the basis for his finding against her.


When there is an order of protection against a third party the parents of children have an obligation to enforce the order of protection. If they don’t and that individual had been engaged in domestic violence acts, the parent who is the victim of domestic violence can be found to be neglectful of their children. In this case ACS was successful in proving the mother neglected her children.

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