Evidentiary Standards in CPS and ACS Proceedings – Part II

CPS and ACS defense attorneyAbuse and/or Neglect Proceedings in Family Court

Family Courts in the Metropolitan New York area are overburdened. Judges are faced with numerous cases each day which should require significant amounts of time. However, the reasonable amount of time required to deal with these cases is usually not available to judges. Judges are forced to make decisions over families’ and children’s lives after only several minutes of presentation. This means if you appear in court in a proceeding based on allegations of child abuse or child neglect, the presentation made by you or your attorney must be maximized to get your point across quickly and persuasively. You will not be able to tell an entire story at the initial court proceeding. The purpose of the initial court date is for the judge to find out generally what the case is about. It is not a trial date. If the judge decides the case should have a trial or hearing, the judge will schedule it for a trial or hearing on subsequent dates.

Family Violence and Abuse

The abuse and neglect of children is a serious matter. The writer understands that there are terrible cases involving children who are abused and neglected. However, this article deals with cases involving well-meaning, dedicated, loving families who are sometimes torn apart by specious allegations of child abuse or child neglect often coming from mandatory reporters who simply misunderstand their responsibility. Mandatory reporters do not have a responsibility of reporting every injury or bruise on a child. The over-reporting by mandatory reporters causes well-meaning, loving families to find themselves in stressful situations by overzealous CPS and ACS workers looking for child abuse and child neglect in situations where they simply do not exist.


If faced with an investigation by either CPS or ACS it is in your and your child’s best interest to consult with an attorney experienced in dealing with these matters as soon as possible. What you say to these investigators can be used against you in proceedings in the Family Court.family law attorney

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